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Hey guys, as I get more followers everyday, I would like to quickly introduce myself.


My name is Nicki. I am 28.  I have been in the beauty industry for a few years & now I am running my own lash business from home. My passion is in beauty. I love to create the best look possible for all my clients , and everyone walks away from here happy. Whether it’s a certain style or a new look, all is possible at my studio.

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What We Offer

Treatments You Can Trust

Signature Wispy Mega

Wispy Volume eyelash extensions. Wispy Volume is an advanced technique and gives you a new look. Combination in a sequence of individual lash extensions and volume extensions is impressive and noticeable.

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Natural Volume 

On almost a daily basis at Melbourne Chic Beauty Studio new clients ask us whether they can have eyelash extensions that look genuine and natural, and not fake or like stick-ons.  The answer is, of course! One of our specialties is natural looking eyelash extensions – and below is some information on how we achieve the natural look.

When you come in for your consultation – do ask us for something natural (if that’s the look you’re after), but also ask what the technician recommends for you.  At Melbourne Chic Beauty Studio, we will give you a proper consultation, as different lashes suit different faces and everyone has particular styles and looks that they are comfortable with. Your technician will be able to ‘design’ lashes that are perfect for you and give you a beautiful enhancement without being over the top.

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